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Black Sea

Black Sea is a browser-based tool to procedurally generate large scale "oceanic" maps.

It could easily be used as a basis for world building, role playing or as a way to produce simple heightmap for further processing.

The maps are generated by combining and processing multiple layers of perlin and simplex noise. Additionally, each continent and island is individually identified and named using Markov chains (modelled after Japanese and Japonic words).

The tool itself is under the MIT license and all the generated maps are in the public domain as far as I'm concerned.


Access the tool with your browser (tested on Chrome, Firefox and Safari on iPad). And click on "Generate" (there should be a toolbox in the upper right corner of the screen).

The generation of the map can take some times, especially if you have a big screen and if you're not using Chrome.

Its source code is accessible on Github.